Could Chandigarh Be The New Silicon Valley?

If asked where the top start-ups and international companies hail from what would your answer be? Many would say London, Japan or of course America’s own Silicon Valley. It is unlikely that the first place name to come to your mind would be Chandigarh in India however you’d not be far off the mark if it were.

Bengaluru has coined the enviable nickname the “Silicon Valley of India” with a substantial presence in the business world and yet there are a number of valleys around this area which, thanks to high levels of investment and access to a talent-pool unlike any other that have attracted big tech names to their IT parks. One of the most promising is the IT Park at Chandigarh which alongside Mohali and Panchkula form an area known as the Trinity. The Trinity has become home to big names such as Quark. Dell. IBM, Taurus Agile, and Net Solutions as well a number of start-ups whose unprecedented successes are leaving their competitors in the dust.

Why Chandigarh?

Chandigarh City has the advantage of hosting a number of highly rated educational facilities and learning institutions and this enables companies working out of the IT Park access to a wealth of highly trained, knowledgeable and extremely talented staff. This alongside the dedicated and well-thought out and maintained local infrastructure makes this area a gold-mine of resources for those start ups and large operations looking for the ideal place to work from.

This, alongside the prestige of working alongside other great names and the enviable rates which allow businesses to pass on savings via competitive rates is what encouraged Zivato Limited, experts in mobile applications and design to choose Chandigarh for their India-based development centre.

Hidden away (in plain site) with a mountain backdrop to make photographers weak at the knees the Zivato team have been enjoying the many benefits the area offers their business which supports their UK creative team. Zivato’s experienced designers and programmers excel at offering solutions to companies for problems they’ve been unable to conquer themselves, while increasing their visibility and enhancing their consumer’s mobile application experience.

Have Zivato Housed Themselves in the New Silicon Valley?
Some might say that is exactly what they have done while others in the know might applaud them for going one better as Chandigahr and her sister cities within the Trinity look set to continue to develop into an IT haven that far surpasses the Silicon Valley name.

Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all that Chandigahr has to offer you and your customers? Judging by Zivato’s swift expansion both in India and the UK where they are now working with clients around the work, Chandigahr is exactly the right place for those enterprises that are going places to be.

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