UI/UX Design is and always will be a core part of our business. Our design team is constantly inspired by design changes and trends, enjoys using new emerging fonts or a clever colour palette that provides emotive feedback from users while also being as innovative on a practical level as it is design-wise.


It starts with an idea new or existing, we use our experience, knowledge and entrepreneurial flair to help extract the positives out of an idea and suggest way to further improve the concept.


Here's the fun part, making your idea a reality. The first sketch is drawn and the butterflies start, this is actually happening. This is the time screens and content is being discussed for the very first time.


The design phase will involve branding the app, deciding what colours, fonts and imagery suit the concept and target users.


The development stage is about combining the first 3 stages, this is where the concept is realised, and it's the very first time you will get a true feel for the app.


Each project goes through a series of builds and testing from as early as week 3, this opens up the opportunity to make the app the best it can be.


It's launch day, what next? Marketing is a key part of launching any app an without it you can't get your app in users hands. We will assess your goals and align them with your marketing budget.