There are many ways to achieve similar results when developing an App however we will always discuss the best solution for your business and importantly your users. We only build native applications as we believe it’s important to offer the most fluid and interactive experiences. We offer both iOS and Android development, maximising the exposure of your application to a wider target audience.

App development is a creative and exciting process however for some it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the objectives. 60% of Google Play apps have never been downloaded and alarmingly 80% have only one download; we refuse to put our name to an App design connected to these dismal statistics and so you may be reassured that your product will offer what you need to your target audience (and will look fantastic while doing it).

Part of our development process involves planning the stages during and after development is completed. We are looking to build long term relationships by offering a full end to end service.


Here at Zivato Limited we are very passionate about the visual elements and usability of our mobile applications and have team members dedicated to this area. How good an application looks determines not only how easy it is to operate or navigate; it also dictates whether potential users will find themselves motivated to use it at all. With a skilled team who love nothing more than the challenge of creating something fresh and exciting while streamlining the tasks at hand you may be sure that we want what you want.

Mobile app design is one of the key areas many people focus on, however in this sector there is often a disconnection or lack of understanding between designers and developers that can cause cost over runs and missed deadlines. We aren’t interested in working this way.

Our knowledge of apps on a code level allows us to design and plan a project with all objectives in mind from the very beginning which means the initial prototype and features list will bear more of a significant resemblance to the final build. This in turn means that the customer gets what they need quicker, without constant revisions and that they leave with a finished product that they are completely satisfied with.


We are currently in the process of recruiting for our Innovations Team and are looking for candidates who are as excited about the future of mobile applications as we are.

We are currently working on several projects that have the opportunity to pioneer certain industries, and as you would expect timing is a key part of our strategy.

Our philosophy is to plan 2-3 years in advance, using our intuition and observations alongside our practical experience and formal training to recognise key areas in retail, health, fitness and business that could be improved via a carefully designed mobile application programme. On the whole the amount of data we as a consumer as well as a business owner consume is increasing significantly each year and filtering that will play a key part in the success of many businesses in the near future.

Moving forward the Innovations Team are working on plans to blend custom hardware and software to create truly bespoke solutions for both the home and office.